Bizarre Delusions

Flora | 23 | 5'3 | Kenyan | Law School Graduate. Just sat the Bar and hopefully I'll be qualified by the end of the year wohooo :).

I post stuff I like, not a themed blog, I like so many mind is like a spaghetti highway. You will find Random Randomness and I watch too much TV for my own good. My current obsessions are
| SLEEPY HOLLOW, (my new favourite show). Sleepyhead. Team ICHABBIE | Revenge | Orphan Black | Hannibal | Almost Human | Lost Girl | The Mindy Project | My Mad Fat Diary |Scandal | Some Girls | Elementary | Sherlock BBC| Brooklyn Nine-Nine| I think I watch more shows than this but I lost my train of TV Shows thought

Also I have major lady boners for Amber Riley, Kerry Washington and the amazing Lupita Nyong'o (team Kenya!) And in my mind Idris Elba is my baby daddy ;)